More details emerge about Jerry & the "shoe"

Here is a post I found that details the events of the Jerry Cantrell Del Mar incident, addressed via video in an earlier post. While I still maintain that the offending object was a shoe, this account calls it a bottle.

..oh, and Rain When I Die was AMAZING!!!

Grabbed from http://www.metalsludge.tv/

Got home a little while ago from Alice's free show at the Del Mar racetrack in San Diego.

What was a great show ended abruptly during the second chorus of Man In The Box when some asshole pegged Cantrell in the face with a bottle. He threw his guitar down and stormed off stage and that was it. Can't say I blame him.

It's really a shame when some drunk asshole has to spoil the show for everyone. Alice played a great set for free and Jerry gets thanked with a bottle to the face. I hope whoever threw that bottle wakes up with AIDS tomorrow morning or some horrible karma. Seriously, Jerry is the last musician on earth who anyone in their right mind would throw something at. Fred Durst or the guy from Creed, maybe, but Jerry??

On a happier note, the new singer William DuVall IS AMAZING. Flawless. Does Layne justice but at the same time doesn't go out of his way to sound or act like him. Anyone who doubts this guy has to see it to believe it. He did all the hits and even nailed stuff like Rain When I Die and Nutshell. I hope the band pulls an AC/DC and keeps on with this new guy.

Posted August 19th 2006 @ 12:01am (pst) By: SterileEyes1

The post below was taken from the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Board found HERE. It seems that this unfortunate incident ended the concert abruptly. Hopefully the scum bag will be identified and arrested for this.


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actually the thrower was high and it was a sandal