Photos & Videos from my Cessna flight over Southwest Florida

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Thanks to Captain Brann for his steady flying, Dad and I had a wonderful time flying high above Southwest Florida on a beautiful, sunny and clear December day last Christmas season.

The flight started at the Naples Airport. We took off heading north for Venice Airport. After a nice lunch, the plane flew for a touch, taxi and go at Fort Myers Airport, then South toward Marco Island. Just East of the island, we did a non-stop touch and go at the Marco Island Executive Airport. The photos clearly show how this small airstrip is surrounded completely by water and mangroves. Pretty cool.

Heading North again, we finally landed at Naples Airport. Unlike boating, we didn't have to spray clean the plane and flush the engine of salt. Nice.


Could it be Tigers in 4? MLB.com has some clues...

Here is something you've really got to check out. I signed up to MLB.com for $9.95 trying to find the highlights from the ALCS game 3 that was played last night between the Tigers and As. My DVR wacked out and missed the recording...grrr

When I got there, I found the entire rebroadcast including commercials from Fox TV and radio. But that is only the beginning...

Check out my account at http://www.mlb.com
You can watch video or audio replays of the entire season for all teams, all games, including some classics. Check out the 30s and 40s.

my username is: shawn@hawaii.com
my password is: tigers

Go Get 'em Tigers!

UPDATE: I just watched a 'condensed game' video highlight from July 4th this year, Tigers were playing the As but lost in 10 innings. Don't think that is gonna happen today.. get ready to break out the champagne!!

Tigers in 4, slam the door! Hear 'em Roar!


Music News: Alice In Chains, Iron Maiden

Here's a good article reviewing the Inland Invasion concert festival. I was thinking of driving up to see it but never made the trip...maybe I should have.




Oh my G.., what? A new Iron Maiden album just came out??? NO WAY!

WAY!!!, and I will be heading directly to Tower Records to purchase this 71 minute new CD with bonus DVD. I will be dying to hear the sound of the three guitarists soloing out. And just so that record companies know, if you include a DVD with the music, you will sell lots more CDs.


'Operation Get 'Er Done' gets done right!

Congratulations to Mike Meurer on his 2nd successful heart bypass surgery!

..and "big ups" to our homeys at 3M Corp. (http://www.3m.com/) for the solid pension and coverage of Dad's $175,000 surgery and rehab treatment.

.. and here is a short video from the hospital during recovery...


Way to go Mikey! Your many grey schnauzer dogs and family love you (yes, the cat too)!

My Picasa Web Album and photo gallery is now available!


I have now released a web photo gallery that closely mirrors my local harddrive directories. Some of the directories include Art, City photographs, personal photos, and other images. Check 'em out and let me know what you think.

I also want to put out a strong recommendation to download Picasa from Google. It, like it's earlier cousin program Google Earth (ava at http://www.google.com/earth), is a new and groundbreaking free program.

Picasa has replaced my previous image editor fav ACDSee (www.acdsystems.com/acdsee) as #1. It is the future of image and video file management and will soon supercede Microsoft's Windows as the most important data area for your personal collections of pictures and videos.

Check out Picasa and my pics. Bye.